Technologically Advanced, Highly
Effective Foliar Nutrition


CoRoN, a true liquid, controlled-release nitrogen, has been scientifically formulated to deliver highly effective foliar nutrition to crops and other commercially grown plants with maximum efficiency and crop safety.

This superior technology was developed to safely provide high-quality foliar nutrition for productive, uniform growth, while addressing important issues such as leachability, nitrification and other problems associated with conventional fertilizers.

A variety of CoRoN formulations are available to meet the needs of many crops and varying climatic conditions.

Key CoRoN Features 

  • Foliar-applied controlled-release Nitrogen
  • Releases N to the crop for weeks
  • Gives crop N as it needs it
  • Highly efficient form of N
  • Aids in canopy penetration & deposition
  • Excellent plant safety
  • Use as partial N replacement or supplement to existing program
  • Less volatility & leaching potential than standard forms of N

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