Using Soluble Humus Products
to Increase Yields & Improve Soil Health

Helena Chemical Company, a nationwide distributor of agricultural inputs, offers a wide range of "soluble humus" products. The terminology we use to describe soluble humus is "humic acids," in keeping with technical terminology used in production agriculture.

Helena's liquid and dry humic acid products come under the Hydra-Hume product line. They all have a high level of activity because of the high-quality components provided by Horizon Ag Products.

Hydra-Hume products from Helena are used in many industries--agriculture, golf courses, nurseries and more. Hydra-Hume binds in the soil with fertilizer elements and helps hold it in the soil. This decreases the downward mobility of fertilizer elements in the soil, which effectively increases fertilizer availability to plant roots, also described as "improving fertilizer efficiency."

Compared with other humic acids, Hydra-Hume products perform at a higher level because the humic acid ingredients have more binding "sites" chemically than other products. More binding sites means more fertilizer is kept in the upper soil profile for plant roots to absorb and provide the growing plant with needed nutrition. Hydra-Hume can be applied alone or in combination with fertilizer.

 Hydra-Hume Products Perform!  

  • Greater fertilizer efficiency
  • Improved soil environment for enhanced microbe growth
  • Increased soil moisture retention
  • Helps prevent nutrient tie-up



 Turf & Ornamental

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