Helena Products Group

This important group within Helena develops and markets key products that fall under two broad categories—Crop Protection and Crop Production. They operate from their own building on the grounds of Agricenter International in Memphis, TN.

Crop Protection

Crop Protection Groups — Adjuvants, Seed Treatments, and Value-Added Products — are associated with the application of products that are used to control insects, weeds, and plant diseases. 

  • Adjuvants are used to modify the physical characteristic(s) of a liquid spray application to improve its performance. That can include many different functions — from improving the coverage of an application to spray drift reduction to water conditioning and other functions. Adjuvants include such products as nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrates, water conditioners, stickers, drift reduction agents, deposition agents and others.
  • Seed Treatments, primarily fungicides and insecticides, are used to protect the seed from seedling plant diseases and insects. As the traits of transgenic seed varieties and hybrids becomes more valuable, it is critical to protect that investment with seed treatments. Some seed treatments also provide nutrition with minor elements. Helena has seed treatment products/nutritionals that are combined with basic suppliers’ products and custom-treated at Helena locations. Customers are offered a variety of seed treatment options. Seed is then re-bagged or stored in bulk and delivered to customers.
  • Value-Added Products are made from existing pesticide chemistries that have been re-formulated with value-added constituents to increase activity, safety, performance and ease of use. There are several Helena-patented products and formulation processes among the roster of Helena Value-Added Products. These products include herbicides, soil insecticides and many others under development.

Crop Production

BioScience and Nutritional Products are included in this category. Crop Production products are used to enhance growth and/or provide beneficial effects that result in a more favorable growing environment.

  • Bioscience products utilize natural mechanisms to enhance plant growth and improve the soil environment. The principle behind product development of BioScience products is to discover, isolate and replicate modes of action of newly discovered compounds that have a beneficial agronomic effect.
  • Nutritional products include soil- and foliar-applied specialty fertilizers and micronutrients. This extensive line of products includes a wide array of nutritional formulations and blends applied by themselves or impregnated on and applied with NPK blends.